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The reelists freak mode
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  Musiques - Artistes:   Sujet: The reelists freak mode


Inscrit le: 18 Sep 2002
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  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 01:04    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

je cherche leur album
et je veux également les Paroles de cette chanson car je n'arrive pas à trouver
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Grand Animateur
Grand Animateur

Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2002
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  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 10:44    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

y a pas l'album encore..en tout cas j'ai pas entendu je sais même pas si il travail dessu mais le morceau il dechire c'est klair..ça va depuis que vous vous branchez mtv base ça bouge bien sur le RnB ...

c'est cool..
sinon c'est un groupe anglais et ils ont un son un peu acoustique assez simple dans le Clip y a le mec qui se fait draguer par la copine de sa femme ..mais sa femme revien et le grille et la elle balance tout ce qu'elle trouve sur le gars c'est assez bien fait....

ça a quoi 7-8 mois... mais j'essai de trouver plus sur eux mais j'ai rien trouver encore...
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Inscrit le: 18 Sep 2002
Messages: 903
Localisation: meaux un piti coin tranquille je vous jure

  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 13:55    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

bizarre pour moi j'ai l'impression que c'est plus vieux que ça sinon sur ......
j'ai téléchargé leur son et il ont fait un duo avec Ms dynamite si jamais ça te branche
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Grand Animateur
Grand Animateur

Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2002
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  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 15:01    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

ouais et y a plein de Remix de freak mode mais bon la meileur reste la version du Clip ..
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Inscrit le: 18 Sep 2002
Messages: 903
Localisation: meaux un piti coin tranquille je vous jure

  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 15:14    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

tu m'étonne en plus le gars il a une (...) de voix douce et claire le genre qui ne s'oublie jamais
mais quand je parle de feat avec Dynamite j'enttends par la une new chanson
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Grand Animateur
Grand Animateur

Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2002
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  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 15:22    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

ouai sj'vais bien compris.. il faut bien qu'il se lance...sur la scene international et surtotu us vu que c'est pas par la france qu'il va percer..:

sinon le maxi de reelist c'est ça:
GOBX 45 The Reelists Freak Mode
A1. Sunship Remix
A2. Mode Freak Remix
B1. D'n'D Remix
B2. Original Mix

et en xclu un Interview avec les belles pochette et les photo du gosseeee..: had a chance to catch up with Sef and K1 from The Reelists, the two guys behind the smash 'Freek Mode'. had a chance to catch up with the Sef and K1, the two guys behind the smash 'Freek Mode'. Sef tells us what a Geek K1 is, they argue about Crystal and Hennessey and talk about their mates 'So Solid'.

What are you guys playing in your cars at the moment?
K1: (laughing) I don't drive!
Sef: I'm playing Angie Stone, one or two songs from the Justin Timberlake Solo album from the states and Jodeci.
K1: Well I don't have a car but I'm playing hip-hop really. My cousin just makes me CD's with the latest tunes on.
Did you guys reach down to the Busta Rhymes concert?
K1: I'm brewin', I didn't go.
So 'Freek Mode' is being played all over, how did you feel the first time you heard it on radio? Did you celebrate?
Sef: Nah we're not like that really
K1: We were just like 'yeah, its good, its good'
Sef: I was like 'it's about time. I'm not saying we need a push but it's good that commercial radio stations are taking an interest in what we do, it's not just the Underground.
Sef: The best feeling for me, was when Trevor Nelson played 'Freak Mode'. That was good, 'cause it was someone who genuinely loves RnB.
K1: And you know he's feeling it and not just playing it because someone told him to.
What about the first time you heard it in a club?
K1: Do you know what's wicked, the best feeling is when your sittin in a club, no-one knows who you are and it comes on and you're just watchin people dance.
Have your mums heard it yet?
Sef: You know what, I try to avoid my mum seeing the video especially. Here's the joke, every time I'm with her, as a joke, she puts on Kiss TV or the Box and it seems to be on. I don't like seeing the video personally.
Why not?
Sef: I hate seeing myself on TV, I hate that. I even hate hearing myself on radio. That's the truth. I wrote 'Haterz' for me! I hate everything.
Well you obviously don't hate each other, you've been working together for three years, how did that come about?
K1: I met Sef a long time ago, about 6 years now through my cousin, they went school together. I found out that he was singing and he found out I was making Music, and we went our own separate ways and tried to do our own thing and met back a couple of years later, went into a studio and knocked up a couple of demos, one of them was 'Freek Mode' and people heard it and liked it. Then, contracts came into the picture. We made some more tunes and later on we got signed to GoBeat and here we are.
You were playing @ the MTV Five Night Stand alongside Shy FX and T Power, Oxide & Neutrino and some of your mates from So Solid, how did that go down?
K1: It went down deep, it was proper good. I'm a bit brewin cause we were on so early, like we were on at 7.30 and I thought it was gonna be an evening thing but it was a packed out crowd.
It was quite a young crowd, did you have a lot of admirers?
K1: (smiling) they were supporting us. We had a couple of people in the rows going 'ahhhhh!' and stuff.
Sef: We had our own little fans that night and they represented so that was good.
Have you done a lot of live performances?
Sef: We try and do as many performances as possible live. Like the Five Night Stand, Dublin we did live, we try and do everything live - of course there are TV shows which don't have the facilities
K1: (Smiling) Or the DJ's are like 85 years old and cant get the sound right so you'd rather not do it!
Sef: I hate miming! It's the worst thing in the world. How can you be a singer and mime? I can't mime!
You are probably constantly getting asked this but you sang on the 'Haterz' single and a couple of the guys are in your video, tell us about your relationship with So Solid family?
Sef: My younger brother is Mr. Shabz from So Solid and my best friends Kaish, that's why he's in the video. We all grew up together, we're from one neighborhood, like one family. It's all good really, its like family connections. We all wanna help each other, all of us wanna see each other succeed. Five years from now, we all wanna be pushing Bentleys. It's not like the American dream, but it's a vision that we all share, and when a lot of people share the same vision, it will come true.
How much do you think you're association with So Solid as helped you as The Reelists?
Sef: The whole Haterz thing has helped. It is cool to be tied into something like So Solid. But what people have to remember is that So Solid are tied into a lot of negativity, and that's something that we need to steer clear of.
How did the whole 'Haterz' thing come around?
Sef: Well, it wasn't planned. We already had our record deal, we were doing our album at the time. My brother felt like he shouldn't go looking for a Warren Stacey or Craig David to vocal on his tune, when his own brother who he shares a room with, can sing. So he thought 'Let me get Sef on the tune' and Big Up Shabz for doing that, cause it worked out really well.
Sef, you also used to be a RnB group with Kaish and Megaman of So Solid, tell us about that?
Sef: The group was called Legacy. Back in the day when I was in that group, we did get a lot of setbacks. To be honest, the main thing an artist needs is a good producer to bring out the best in that artist. That's why I hooked up with K1, cause he's the best producer and he knows how to bring out the best in an artist.
Shabz, Sef's brother, has obviously helped you guys out, is there any one else that has given you advice about what you are doing?
Sef: My brother has been such a good help
K1: Yeah, Shabz has been wicked.
Sef: But my other brother Dan has had the biggest influence in me doing what I am. If it wasn't for him buying all those Bobby Brown and Guy records, and always being interested in what's happening in the US in terms of Music, then I wouldn't be here today and that's the truth. It was him that hooked us up with our first 8-track.
K1: Both are brothers are there for us, its like one big family.
Sef: When it comes to musical advice, we'll go to Dan, when it comes to life and where we're going and stuff, we'll go K1's brother. His brothers wicked, he's really intelligent.
This all sounds great, you seem to get on famously, but you must argue from time to time.
Both: Nah.
K1: We don't you know. It's really funny, even when you say that, I'm thinking 'we should really argue'. Sef: If we do argue, it's about Music. It's like 'Lets keep that in' or 'I don't like that beat'
K1: It's always for the sake of The Realists, nothing personal.
In a group, people usually take on different roles. Who's the joker/ ladies man/ serious guy out of you two?
Sef: K1 is very serious about his job.
K1: Yeah proper.
Sef: We both are. The thing is, I tend to be distracted very easily, i.e. girls.
K1: We have to try and hold him down! (Laughing).
Sef: It's really easy to get distracted, that's why I never succeeded at school. I was too busy trying to play the class joker. But its all good when you have a good producer who does all the work, (laughing) you don't do nothing, just chill, get paid, I Love it.
Is there been something that someone has said to you that you would pass on as advice for someone trying to get into Music?
Sef: Yeah, I heard a Boyz II Men Interview once and they said 'Be Patient. The best things come to those who wait'. They were talking about how long it had taken them to break the market and how they had been doing it since school. Share a vision, believe in it and it will happen.
K1: My brother was always saying 'Just carry on doing what you do. Don't let anyone interfere'.
You guys are both 21, who did you grow up listening to?
Sef: I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder, Luther Vandross, Kenny Latimore early stuff, Eric Benet when he used to with his sister - the group Benet. Just a lot of RnB really, luckily I had a brother who was really in tune with what was happening in the states. So I was listening to Jodeci before any one had really heard of Jodeci. I heard 'Come and Talk to Me' before, I reckon, anyone had heard it. My brother's friend sent it over from the states, on a white label vinyl. I think when I put them headphones on and heard KC sing for the first time, it changed my life. I knew then, that this is what I want to do. K1: Not so much RnB for me, I listened to a lot of Hip-Hop. I loved the whole Snoop era, the whole G-Fuck era. I also listened to Michael Jackson, Prince, more for the musical side of things. It wasn't till I met Sef that it became RnB proper.
What's your favorite Jodeci tune?
Sef: I got so many. If I had to sum up, from the first album it would be 'Come and Talk to Me' and 'Gotta Love'. From the second album 'Cry For you', 'Feenin' - all of them.
Do you feel the people that you have listened to, have influenced the way that you write and make Music?
Both: Definitely.
Sef: For me personally, its people like Devante Swing, the best and you cant get no better. For him, its Prince and you cant get no better than Prince.
Is there anyone who you met, who you were like 'wow' when you met?
Sef: After I met Brian McKnight, I didn't need to meet anyone else. We met Maxwell though, he was wicked. We see people all the time, Dido we know personally, the likes of Blue, Craig David, all these people work in the same building as us. They are more like colleagues.
K1: We're all in the same game.
Sef:They help us, we help them.
Speaking of Craig David in the states, are you hoping to go the same route?
Sef: Not really, Craig went to America, we wanna bring America over here. It's a hard task I know, but we want to genuinely break England. Like Trevor Nelson said when he played our track the other day 'When you hear The Reelists, and when you start feeling their Music, you will feel them'. When you have proper people backing you, its all good.
You're gonna be joining Trevor Nelson in The Smoking Room next week, looking forward to that?
K1: That should be wicked
Sef: I wanna put on a good show for Trevor Nelson. I owe you one Trevor. He is one of the very few people in the Business that have done so much for RnB. A lot of people talk about how they were around when RnB started, but they didn't do nothing to promote it. He has been around from Day 21…(Laughing).
So, the video for Freak Mode has got a lot of attention. Does it have any bearing to reality?
K1: Its happened to some of our friends. Obviously not exactly how we have portrayed it, but that's just my interpretation of it. Every RnB album has got to have a tune about cheating on it, this is just The Reelists version.
Where did your inspiration for the lyrics of Freak Mode?
K1: Through friends really, you always hear stories from friends saying 'I got caught man'.
So do you get a lot of your friends girls turning psycho and smashing up their Playstations?
Both: (Laughing a bit too much!)
Sef: I can genuinely say that Kaish's girlfriend…
K1: I knew you were gonna say that (laughing)
Sef: (K1 still laughing) It's horrific. Certain scenes that I have seen are worse than movies. You would think that it would be a special effect, but in fact, its reality. I've seen her do some Matrix stuff.
Must be Love.
Sef: Yeah must be. Some kinda Love but one that I don't wanna be feeling to be honest.
Moving on, you play instruments and you taught yourself. Which instruments do you play?
K1: I do the Music side, I produced the whole album on my own. I play the Keys, guitar, and the bass guitar.
Sef: K1 is what we call a Geek. He will go into the studio, lock the door for 5-6 days, you wont hear or see him, his mobile will be switched off. I will be his personal sectary when he's in there, answering all his calls. The guy is a Geek. He will walk in a studio one day, next thing you know, the guy can play the guitar.
K1: It had to be done. I take my Music proper seriously. I don't like to do no halfhearted shit. I like to do everything myself. When we wanted a guitar on the track, I had to learn it. I wasn't about to pay someone to do it half as good as I wanted it, so I learnt it myself.
Is there any other instrument you want to learn?
Sef: The Microphone
K1: Yeah, the mike… nah I'm cool for now.
Sef: He wrote the strings on Freak Mode, how do you do that? There are 40-50 year olds who sit there and listen to the song and go 'right, you need a staccato' (Laughing) - Crazy stuff.
K1: Music is not about that. It's not about going to college and learning about Bach, Music is about getting into the studio and making tunes.
What would you do if you weren't doing Music?
Sef: My profession, what would it be? Big Pimpin'. If I wasn't doing Music, I would probably have 5-6 kids, 4 ladies, I don't know.
K1: I'd be lost, I don't know what I'd do.
How did your parents feel about you getting into the Music biz?
Sef: I had very strict parents. I had to lie to them. I used to put on my rucksack in the morning and turn up at the studio. I used to sit there telling K1 how stressed I was. My dad was so against me doing Music but when I got my first cheque, he was the one that was all for it! The minute he saw the cheque and saw how much I was getting paid, he was like, 'Who would want to be a doctor, when you are getting paid that amount of money?'.
K1: (smiling) I tried to do A Levels, but flopped so straight after that, I told them that I was taking a year out. I just pro longed it until they heard the tune.
What do you get up to in your Free time?
Both: Studio (Ed-all work and not enough play!!)
Sef: We're really boring guys, we don't do nothing. We're rubbish, proper boring. It's all about work.
The album 'On The Reel' is 100% sample Free, why is this so important to you?
K1: Well it's important to me. When I finish my Music, I like to say 'it's all mine from scratch'. From the first beat to the end product, I like to keep it original.
What's your favorite track on the album?
Both: You can't do that (squealing!!!)
K1: For today I'll say a track called 'All I Wanna Do'.
Sef: 'On The Reel'
K1: Yeah, I think 'On The Reel' will be a lot of people's favorite.
Time for the QUCIK FIRE QUESTIONS.§ Quality or Quantity?
§ Shoes or Trainers?
§ Man U or Man City?
§ B&B or Hotel?
§ Old Skool or Upfront?
§ KFC or Mac Dees?
§ Music or Food?
§ Nas or Jay Z?
§ Destiny's Child or Mis-teeq?

§ Haagen Daaz or Ben & Jerry's?
§ London or New York?
§ Hip Hop or RnB?
§ Lexus or Merc?
§ Posh or Scary?
§ Food or Sex?
§ Blondes or Brunettes?
§ Drink or Drive?
§ Mini Cab or Black Cab?
§ Ketchup or Mayonnaise?
§ Breasts or Legs?
§ Email or Letter?
§ Hennessey or Crystal?
§ Gym or Pub?
§ Nike or Adidas?
§ Club or Bar?
§ Ferrari or Porsche?
§ CD or Vinyl?
§ Trevor Nelson or § Steve Sutherland?

§ EZ or Masterstepz?
§ Platinum or Gold?
§ Rolex or Cartier?
§ Fish or Chips?
§ Chinese or Indian?
§ Fling or Commitment?

K1:Man U SEF:Chelsea!
Hotel for sure!!!
Old Skool
SEF: KFC K1:Mac Dees for me!
Music straight!
SEF: You can't do that to me! K1: Nas
K1: Destiny's Child (smiling)
SEF: Mis-teeq for real (I have to say that cause of Alesha!)
Haagen Daaz
SEF: RnB K1: Hip Hop
SEF: Lexus K1: Merc
(Silence) Blondes (Ed-Thanks guys!!!)
SEF: Both (laughing!)
K1: Mayonnaise SEF: Ketchup
Letter, I still don't know how to work Email.
Crystal! (K1: Actually, Hennessey!)
SEF: Ferrari K1: Porsche
(Screaming) You can't do that, that's a very bad question. That's a terrible question. We Love them both equally.
EZ, Nah actually, I cant answer that one either! Platinum
SEF: Rolex K1: Cartier
SEF: Indian K1: Chinese
SEF: Ohhhh, Cause I'm the least committed person, I can't commit shit other than Music so fling!
That's all for now, thanks guys…

Look out for The Reelists debut single 'Freak Mode' out 13th May 2002 on Go Beat Records featuring mixes from Sunship and the album 'On The Reel' in the near future.
Official Site:

May 2002
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Grand Animateur
Grand Animateur

Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2002
Messages: 1615
Localisation: PARIS

  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 15:23    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

What's your favorite Jodeci tune?
Sef: I got so many. If I had to sum up, from the first album it would be 'Come and Talk to Me' and 'Gotta Love'. From the second album 'Cry For you', 'Feenin' - all of them.

yes i il a du gout...feenin c'est mon top of the top of the top ...jodeci... forever...........
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Inscrit le: 18 Sep 2002
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Localisation: meaux un piti coin tranquille je vous jure

  Posté le: 27 Jan 2003 15:24    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

tu es un ange
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Inscrit le: 18 Sep 2002
Messages: 903
Localisation: meaux un piti coin tranquille je vous jure

  Posté le: 31 Jan 2003 02:48    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

ben je m'adresse à toi directement car je ne sais plus dans quel sujet tu parlais de certains Site comme K.... pour trouver tout ce que l'on recherche
tu pourrais me donner leurs adresses précises afin que je puisse enfin trouver ce que je veux et puis je te signale que moi = novice=ne connais pas jargon=je risque suremetn de te poser des question so
thanks avant tout
kiss kiss
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Grand Animateur
Grand Animateur

Inscrit le: 23 Avr 2002
Messages: 1615
Localisation: PARIS

  Posté le: 01 Fév 2003 00:03    Sujet du message: The reelists freak mode

en RnB le mieux c'est mirc mais la si t'es novice c'est show parceque le mieux c'est le deal avec des ricains des australiens..deja tente install:
ensuite tu te connect Serveur effnet paris
de la tu tape /list
et tu auras tout les salon dispo sur le Serveur et la tu double clic sur des truc du genre #rnbmp3s ou #rbvybe ou #rnbthugz la bombe celui là les sons des annees 90 rares il est au top..

ensuite tu dois request les pack qui t'interesse c'est un peu complique au depart mais super simple en faite..

tu vois une list qui defile:

tien il ont change de salon c'est ça : #RNBXDCC

une fois connect il defile ça:

-RBT-DCC06- ** 2 packs ** 5 of 5 slots open, Min: 10.0KB/s, Max: 20000.0KB/s, Record: 14.9KB/s
-RBT-DCC06- ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 0.0KB/s, Record: 75.2KB/s
-RBT-DCC06- ** To request a file type: "/msg RBT-DCC06 xdcc send #x" **
-RBT-DCC06- #1  1x [ 80M] 4.0_-_4.0_-_1997
-RBT-DCC06- #2  6x [ 81M] By_Chance_-_Great_Things_Happen_-_1999
-RBT-DCC06- ** [-Brought To You By OlsKool For #RNBTHUGZ-] **
-RBT-DCC06- Total Offered: 160.7 MB Total Transferred: 1.13 GB

les caractere carre c'est des tabuations

tu as donc sur le bot appeler -RBT-DCC06 2 pack :
le premier :
1x [ 80M] 4.0_-_4.0_-_1997
et le second:
2  6x [ 81M] By_Chance_-_Great_Things_Happen_-_1999

si tu veux telecharge 4.0-4.0 l'labum complet tu tape juste la phrase noté pour request
/msg RBT-DCC06 xdcc send #x

biensur tu change le x a la fin par le bon numero du pack que tu veux la c'est le 1 pour 4.0 donc:

msg RBT-DCC06 xdcc send #1
entre et il marque request pack 1 et hop il ouvre une nouveel fenetre de telechargement..

comme tu es sur mirc tu ouvres sur le salon #TLW y des français comme moi ou da-lover il t'aideront ou alors sur #arash mais la c'est des sauvages de hiphop et c'est un Chat de Forum pas un salon de telecharegement... voila des questions?

en prive apres on fera le cas des Serveur perso ou il faut entree sur le pc mettre une list etc etc..plsu chiant a faire mais aussi plsu efficace sur les petites News qui dechirent surtotu en 0day
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